The Other Panama

TOUR: The Other Panama



TYPE OF TOUR:            Culture & Ethnic

DURATION: 5 hours


  • multilingual guide (me!)

  • transportation

  • drinks


  • hat

  • comfortable light clothes & shoes

  • raincoat (green season)

PRICE: US$30 - US$85



This tour is to show you the other part of Panama which everybody tends to hide, ignore and forget, where the less fortunate but most authentic people live.  Now if you read certain guide books, you will be told that these are dangerous areas where you should never go.  Panama was given one of the highest ranking for tourist safety from the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. Like in any other country some neighbourhoods are not safe and should be avoided if you are a tourist . Yes, if you make it your habit to go to these places flashing expensive jewellery, carrying a camera around your neck and looking lost, sooner or later you are likely to be robbed...this will happen anywhere in the world.

We will see the everyday life, history and situation of these places. We will as well visit the best established, largest, most inclusive strongholds of Panamanian capitalism as well as the most popular one for those less fortunate, called Avenida Central. Avenida Central is like an open air mall where a deal can be found on every corner from local artisans to major brands of merchandise. Its absence of traffic, ample space make the peatonal (pedestrian street) a popular hangout for different kinds of people.