Panama Airport & Resort Transfers

When arriving in Panama City at the International Airport Tocumen, save yourself the hassle of debating prices with taxi drivers...and book with will be safer, more pleasurable, faster and easier than a taxi service...and the driver knows where to take you to;-)

Below are the most common destinations...send us an inquiry for a quote to other destinations.

Book as soon as possible to ensure availability (also for your return flight)...and a friendly driver will be waiting for you just after customs!

Important: remember to send us along with your time your flight number as well as your last stop-over.

Please note that the rates are subject to US$5 fee for arrivals later then 11:00 p.m. or departure earlier then 6:00 a.m.

Rates are in-line with the official Airport prices.

For transfer to Ancon, Balboa, Albrook & Amador rate is US$5 extra.

N persons 1 - 2 3 4 5 6
Tocumen International Airport US$30 US$35 US$40 US$45 US$50
Albrook Domestic Airport US$20 US$25 US$30 US$35 US$40
N persons 1 - 2 3 4 5 6
Playa Bonita resort US$45 US$55 US$60 US$65 US$75
Gamboa resort US$55 US$60 US$70 US$75 US$80
* Colon / Coronado US$115 US$125 US$130 US$140 US$150
Playa Blanca US$130 US$140 US$150 US$155 US$160
Buenaventura US$145 US$155 US$165 US$170 US$180
Hourly rate city US$25 - - - -
Hourly rate outside US$20 - - - -



* Colon - To/from Airport + US$25 / Cell: (507) 67137165