Monkey Island Tour

TOUR: Monkey Island

TYPE OF TOUR: nature

DURATION: 1 hour


  • entrance fees

  • bilingual guide (English/Spanish)

  • boat ride

  • transportation


  • hat

  • sandals & comfortable light clothes

  • sun block

  • insect repellant



Join our naturalist guide on this lake adventure of sight and sound. First, we travel at high speed on the canal for 25 minutes where we might come close to some of the big ships that transit the canal daily and then we slow to a crusing speed.

Slowly, we motor along the forested banks of Gatun lake, also a protected area, and we look for wildlife such as Capuchin Monkeys, 3toed Sloth, Howler Monkeys, various kinds of Toucans and other birdlife. Truly a unique place to observe the raw regenerative power of the forest as it struggles to claim what was once wild.