Isla Grande Panama

TOUR:  Isla Grande (Caribbean Ocean)


DURATION: 12 hours


  • all entrance fees

  • transportation


  • hat

  • sandals & comfortable light clothes

  • sun block

  • water shoes

  • swimming suit

  • towels

  • sunglasses

PRICE: US$75 - US$230



Isla Grande is a Caribbean island getaway frequented by residents of Panama City because it's close enough to get to without flying. After a 2 hour drive from Panama City we will reach the port where we will catch a cayuco (water taxi) to reach Isla Grande (5 min.). Lunch could be at one of the open-air restaurants to taste some good Caribbean-style seafood preparation, crab, octopus or fried fish, served with coconut rice or patacones (deep-fried green plantains). We will spend the rest of the day seeing the site, snorkelling and relaxing in its spectacular donít forget your swimming gear!  The island has about 300 inhabitants that make a living from fishing, growing coconuts and visitors that come to enjoy its natural beauty. There are no roads and the town spreads along its palm fingered beachfront full of tropical flowers which can be covered within 25 min., making it an  extremely peaceful place.

On the road to Isla Grande we will pass by Portobello (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), probably Spainís most important port in the new world. The widest remain of ruins from the fortifications that were used to defend the town from pirates ,like Sir Henry Morgan, who roamed the Caribbean attracted by this immense wealth and perhaps the most heavily fortified of the Spanish control points along the coasts of the Americas, from where all the gold from South America looted by the Conquistadors, left for Europe.